Wednesday, 17 August 2011

If you work at Condenast , be careful what you say in the elevator !

A Twitter account chronicling conversations overheard in the New York building which houses Vogue magazine has become a huge internet hit.

The feed features bitchy comments and gossip overheard in the elevator which could come straight from the script of The Devil Wears Prada.

It has apparently been written by a worker at the headquarters of magazine publisher Conde Nast - and has 15,065 followers after only three days.

Here are some of our favorites so far:

Girl: Omigod what happened to your knee?! Fashion boy: Oh god, I fell dancing! Girl: Omigod it's like you came back from the war.

Fl 5 Lady peering at her friend's to-go box of lettuce and carrots: Ooooh, that looks good!

[Guy walks into elevator wearing "Legalize Gay" t-shirt] Teen Voguer: That shirt is so two months ago.

Girl #1: There should be an elevator that only goes to Vogue. Just up to the 12th floor and back down. Girl #2: totally.

[Girl holding brownie abashedly in elevator] Male coworker: I'm not judging you.

Summer Intern: My driver had SUCH a bad attitude. I was like, "don't complain to me, I didn't eat lunch either! You think I eat clothes?"


  1. I heard that the account was abandoned because no one talks on the elevator since they heard about the account. LOL!!!

  2. Gossip girl elevator version? Oh well...