Friday, 19 August 2011

France - Day 2 - Some more sunbathing followed by dinner at "Le Mas de Fauchon" amazing 3 starts French food restaurant

Our second day started just like the first one ... by getting a good good tan :) followed by a nice pizza ~! Holidays I said , Holidays ... NO Limits to happiness !

Buying Flowers for my dear little mummy !

Tonight we are on our way to Le mas de Fauchon, an amazing 3 stars restaurant in the heart of Provencal countryside... Here comes food heaven !

Boudin noir with caramelized apples

Tapenade and homemade crips

Mussel consomme with chives and cream as an "amuse-bouche"

Royal prawn in opened raviole, spinach, grilled pepper and smoked aubergine caviar

As a main course I had the turbot fish with its stock cooked with vegetable strips and fennel pesto... Way too mouthwatering and ... I ended up forgetting to take the pictures ~ Sorry haha

first dessert was The Apricot: nuts mellow biscuit, apricot mousse, rosemary coulis and its almond milk ice cream

My favorite was definitely the Tomato, on a red fruits ratatouille, tomato gazpacho, aniseed cream and its oreillette! Such an unexpected dish but still simple even though it gathered myriads of flavors and emotions in it ~!
The Peach was served with shortbread and baked peach, vanilla muslin and spices grog

My mum took the Fig, roasted with lavender honey, chocolate sauce refreshed with liquorice and its crisp

Petits fours to accompany our coffee :)

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  1. How funny is it that you're actually an hour away from me right now! I've been following you for a while now and I just thought I'd share this funny fact with you. : )