Friday, 8 July 2011

Song of the day - Yuna - Decorate

Just because I am obsessed with this song and this wonderful Indonesian singer ! Go Yuna ! We can see big things coming for you !


  1. I LOVE THIS SONG! Hope Bangkok was fun Coco!!

  2. spray tan

    People are born into this world of lonely souls who need other people. We are just inside the shell of flesh and bones, and organs, but this is not what we are. Even if we were born alone, each of us is only half of what we should be. The other half of our being is somewhere else, wander this world seeking to end. When we meet this person, they can do, because we are constantly sending us signals mental design, we know in our hearts, we found them and we want to be with this person because when we have to live with them, there are those that we should be.

  3. just tiny factual correction dear... she is from Malaysia not Indonesia. nway from same malay archipelago.


  4. im sorry..u got it wrong there..yuna is malaysian singer..