Monday, 11 July 2011

Mini Posh had arrived ! David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their first daughter!

Posh had been working hard at hiding her baby bump for month and it finally arrived ! Her little baby girl is born yesterday !

David Beckham snapped this photo of his wife sunbathing. She gave birth just a few days later.

"Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are excited to welcome their new baby sister to the family," said Beckham spokesperson Jo Milloy.

The little one shares a birthday with Kate Hudson's new son, who also entered the world yesterday !

This is sooooo exciting! two celebrity babies born the same day ! can't wait to see the first pictures of baby Posh ! She will for sure look as gorgeous as her mummy and daddy !
CONGRATS!!!! We wonder if the Becks already got their baby daughter a pair of mini Louboutins ! haha kidding !

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