Sunday, 31 July 2011

OFF to Europe! Just arrived in Stockholm ~ See you in 2 weeks my fashion bunnies ~

FIN-NNNNA-LLY !! We arrived to Sweden !
I landed yesterday to the land of meatball, sexy fashion bloggers , and ecolofriendly -bike riding people ! It's been a year already and I MUST SAY : Stockholm is missed you ~
we landed at 8 am after a long and sleepless flight !
two friends came to pick us up at the airport and before we knew it we were sitting in a wonderfully cozy place for a Jazz breakfast: Hello dark bread, hello boiled eggs with fish caviar, hello apple crumble and shrimp salad , hello dill roasted potatoes...
This was the best start I could have thought of for our Euro-trip!
After this we headed for a crazy session of shopping ! I must say I have been pretty well behaved with only a pair of J Linderberg shoes... hehe I know you wonder and you say : J Linderberg is a MANSWEAR BRAND ! hold on ladies ... I am in STK the land of J Linderberg and here is the scoop : The LADIESWEAR collection HAS ARRIVED ! so I naturally couldn't resist and I indulged myself with those overly cute fall low boots... I will keep you posted with some pictures !
Take care and speak soon my fashion addicts XOXO


  1. Wow, sounds like the perfect beginning for an amazing adventure!

  2. wow! have a great time! you are soo lucky!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Enjoy!!! Hope you have a great time <3

  4. i'm going to Stockholm in two weeks!! Now I'm really motivated ;) xx

  5. amazing look!

  6. can i borrow this? love it.

    xxx theSIREN

  7. Have fun - I just LOVE Sweden! Make sure to keep us posted with lots of summer pics! Go out on the islands in Stockholm - Grinda has a fabulously quaint and cozy hotel.

    Kiss, kiss: Rebecca


  8. Outfit is absolutley Adorbs!!!! have fun!!!!
    please visit/follow