Monday, 16 May 2011

French Dinner at "A La Maison " in Tin Hau

It's Tuesday evening, on a long day off , My boyfriend and I spent the whole afternoon tanning by the pool on the roof top , and I have a craving I can't get rid off : French food !
Lucky me! I heard about this newly opened French Restaurant (Opened roughly 9 months ago) , located in Tin Hau (a few minutes from Causeway Bay).
I thought I would have to bargain : Honey , Please can we go for some french food tonight ?? Yea , my BF is Swedish and he does think that french food rhymes with super heavy / fat dinner meaning He'd need to go a couple of extra hours at the gym to train with his tyrannic personal trainer haha !
But it was easier than what I expected as he was quite interested too ! I mean : French restaurant + Tin Hau + good word of mouth ... Let's go try it !
I used to live in Ti Hau so it didn't take us long to arrive to Jupiter street, even though my BF though I was taking him to the wrong street as Jupiter street is really quite !
First impression : Cozy, French , comfy and unexpected ... Sounds like a great start to my hears !

We were first greeted by the staff: super friendly ,laid- back and all smile ! I am usually quite picky about staff standards and I must say, they did a really good job ALL_NIGHT_LONG.

The owner stopped by and I , of course, couldn't resist speaking french a little bit ! After all , it's my mother tongue and I never get to speak ! The Owner was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Paris.
The venue is quite comfy and I absolutely love the leather sofas... It was just really relaxing to enjoy a glass of wine (at happy hour price : 75 for 2 glasses), while listening to some old school french music.
First arrived : The warm french bread. Long time since I had such a Yum brad ... nothing to say , except that I would have loved some fresh bread instead of the pre-packed butter ...

Comte Cheese salad : the ingredients are really fresh and tasty , the sauce is well-seasoned , would have loved a Comte that would have been a bit more aged

My started was a squid and noodle salad (not really french haha but loved it ! ) The squid was crunchy outside but just chewy enough in the inside... loved the combination with the crispy egg noddles...

Soupe a l'oignon : I personally like it and thought the flavor was interesting but I agree with my BF saying it may have been a bit oily ...

Beef cheek Bourguignon : didn't try it as I a don't eat meat but judging by the fact that it was totally empty after 5 minutes ... I think this was a success

My Seabass was tasty and really well cooked , I loved the fact that they worked out a little foam on the top of it , that looks just so cute and well-finished . Would have like my potatoes a bit warmed though

We finished everything with a cheese plate and a glass of champagne ... perfect to celebrate Buddha's Birthday !
The total bill was around 1000HKD for 2 starters , 1 soup , 2 main courses , 1 cheese plate, 4 glasses of wine and sparkling water (Badoit).
I really think this is a good deal regarding the quality of the food and I will definitely be back ! I actually already planned to take my friend C for a girls dinner over there !
A must try ! A hidden Gem in Tin Hau ! Long Life to my new "Maison ". From now on , when I crave for french food I know where to go get my fix !

Address :
Shop F & G, 18 Jupiter Street, Tin Hau

Phone number :
2510 0123

Tip : Lunch time is always full (from what I heard) , so you'd better book in advance to get the 68 HKD really good deal ! (Includes starter, main , dessert and tea or coffee!)

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  1. Lovely. It's refreshing to see a post all about food on a fashion blog xx