Monday, 30 May 2011

CocoCeline is one year -old ! Time flies... a Year in a snap shot !

A year ago , I was pushed by my dear boyfriend to start this Blog and today CocoCeline celebrate its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and has an amazing article in WEEKEND WEEKLY MAGAZINE !
Of course CocoCeline loves to talk fashion and to share good tips all the time but it was quite a big step for a french girl , living in Hong Kong to take her little laptop , sit down and start typing blogs in English !
Well , at least it what I thought ! After a few minutes I got inspired and I would never stop writing !
1 post a day ... 2 posts a day...
CocoCeline is posting everyday to keep you , my lovely fashion bunnies , updated about the last fashion tips , gossips and best places to go get a wonderful lunch or dinner in Hong Kong !
One year has gone by and you are now over a thousand people following us through Blogger, Blogloving and Tumblr! Almost 90 000 hits ! Not too bad for a first year ! So I wanted to thank you all for following CocoCeline and hope we'll make next year even bigger ! Under the meanwhile , go get the new issue of WEEKEND WEEKLY !


  1. Congratulations!!! And what a fabulous celebratory post....BEAUTIFUL photo montage!!

  2. Aww, happy one year anniversary! Although I just recently found your blog, I love the content of what you post, you're an amazing fashion blogger! Keep up the great work and the passion. lots of love from your follower, Veena <3