Tuesday, 21 December 2010

One day : 2 big news : Was Carine Roitfeld fired ? Is Viginie Mouzat about to become the new Editor in chief of French Vogue ... ?

Rumor Number 1 : Was Carine Roitfeld Fired From Vogue?
Rumor Number 2 : Is Le Figaro's Fashion Director Virginie Mouzat Front runner for the Job??

Paris fashion world is going crazy... fashionistas are boycotting the famous Avenue Montaigne and are turning themselves into "fat-shionistas" because of the post-news depression ...
Carines is gone ... long gone ...
Ok Ladies , wipe your little eyes and expect a brand new day for french Fashion ! One Name : Virginie Mouzat ... This is the number one rumor lately and we must admit that we first didn't think about her for the position , but after all it would kinda make sense and we approve of Virginie for the position!
The Shocking thing about Carine leaving (erm erm , or being forced to leave) is that "No one knew about it—not even Emmanuelle Alt or Olivier Lalanne"... Weird ...

The reason no one knew? Because, according to our sources, Roitfeld did not resign—she was fired.

The chain of events that led up to the alleged firing, this way:
It appears that the Conde Nast-Carine Roitfeld fall-out was a long time coming. Our sources tell us the magazine's parent company was unhappy with all the bad press surrounding Roitfeld's alleged pay-for-play scandals—this year, alone—demanding huge sums of money for extracurricular consulting gigs and the enormous, public embarrassment of being banned from Balenciaga last season for abusing her position at Vogue. In the latter case, Roitfeld allegedly borrowed Balenciaga preview pieces and sent them to her client, Max Mara, to copy—"It wasn't the first time," one source tells us. "One [Balenciaga] precollection ended up, in its entirety, at Max Mara."

What do you think ?
and above all what do you think about Carine's successor? We kind of were expecting Emmanuelle Alt to take over the position ... a bit disappointed

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