Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Best Gift ever Yesterday !

As all my friends and family already know , I am kind of a Christmas freak... I love preparing Christmas, I have been watching Christmas movies for a month already and play Christmas songs non-stop... All day long !
My christmas tree has been up for a few days now ... All perfect... Traditional decorations... Nothing better to make our little Hong Kong apartment super cozy !
One thing was missing : THE ADVENT CALENDAR!
But now I got one thanks to my lovely boyfriend !
I just can't help it , i love nothing better than Christmas time and opening my little window everyday on my advent calendar ...
For the one that are not as lucky as I am , ONE LAST CHANCE ...
A fashion online advent calendar thanks to our muse Anna Dello Russo ... If Anna likes Advent Calendar as well ... our case is not definitely lost !
so just go on ADR's Blog and enjoy her fashionable Calendar ... no chocolate there, only fashion gifts !

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