Monday, 6 February 2012

Match your daily outfits with OPI

You want to spice up your outfits but don’t want to spend too much on accessories or shoes… MyLuxBox brought you the perfect answer in its January Box! OPI Lacquer!

The sun is back out in Hong Kong but it is still doesn’t feel warm enough, we are day-dreaming and thinking of beach holidays… Come on! We know you are too!

Today we wanted a touch of summer and what better idea than bringing a pop of color to our outfit? OPI is a wonderful brand of nail polish for they have myriads of shades, opacity and textures in their series of products.

Look at this bright, cool pink lacquer! It goes on smoothly and dries shiny and pretty. We prefer three thin coats for full opacity, even though two layers would look good too!

Remember, you don’t need to wait for June to arrive to allow yourself for some brighter colors. This will complete your outfits, make you feel better and bring a touch of glamour and glee to your life!

Of course with the wide range of colors available at OPI, you can treat yourself and change your polish weekly or even daily!
Keep in mind: color, color, color; this will help you get through to the end of this chilly winter with a huge sparkly smile on your pretty faces!


  1. Pink shade nail polish always looks pretty on hand.

  2. I just bought exactly the same color!! Great taste both of us~High Five!!