Tuesday, 14 February 2012

7 items you should have in your purse for a Valentine's date

In order to avoid any kind of embarrassment or uncomfortable situations on your Valentine’s date it's better to be well prepared. Moreover, it is well said - Precaution is better than cure! When you are on your first date or even while going out remember to keep these must-haves in your handbag to be safe.

Lipstick Lip stick, lip gloss or lip balm is a must-have as this can keep you looking beautiful for the whole night even if your other make-up starts fading. You can just freshen-up your lips and keep going. Take with you your Estee Lauder Lipstick compact Rouge Longue Duree. Easy and convenient, you can carry many different colors at once- You never know where your date is going to take you!

Hand cream Our hands can get rough and dry during the day! Hand cream keeps your hands moist and the skin nourished, smooth, and soft. This is a MUST have wherever you go and especially on Valentine’s Day. Put lotion on your hands after you wash them and try to pick a hand cream with a nice smell. We recommend you the Lollia hand cream with Peony and white lily. They use true floral infusions… Heavenly!

Mints Eating, drinking wine and coffee - all of these can leave a nasty residue in your mouth- you don't want to taste like old food. So pop a mint or use some mouth freshener. You’ll be able to kiss all night long!

Phone Vital thing to keep you in touch with others or call a cab. Remember, you never know how your date will turn out!

Eyeshadow Easy to carry in your purse, don’t forget your Girlee eyeshadow. For Valentine’s Day, try to pick a light color. You want to look cute and fresh, don’t over-do it with dark smoky eyes.

Fragrance Keep a mini-perfume or body spray to keep you smelling good. Perfume can fade. You don't want to smell like the dinner you've just both eaten, make a discreet visit to the ladies room and refresh. Remember not to overdo it though. What about trying the latest Guerlain fragrance?

Cash Why? MOST important—for a cab. HK cabs don’t take credit and you don’t want to have to run up the meter even more as they drive you to an ATM. Also it makes splitting bills way easier (just in case your date is a bit cheap haha)


  1. just saw your banner. Is that your shoe collection? Do you blog about it?

  2. Il rossetto SEMPRE dietro! Le labbra valorizzano il volto tantissimo!