Monday, 12 December 2011

Rocking my Isabel Marant Pants

Alrighty ! I talk about Iasbel Marant every day and I feel naked if I dare stepping out in the street without at least one piece of my Goddess designer !
I love rocking her boots , her t shirts are fitting perfectly and are so comfy ! I just can't get enough of her !

If there is one and only one piece I should recommend from the latest collection (and God knows this is a though one !!!) I'll go for those heavenly Navajo inspired pants ... Where them daytime and you'll be the queen of the street! Rock them night time and even It girls will stare at you with jealousy in the perfectly made up little eyes !  I'm just so sad girls seems to not get it that much in Hong Kong , but I take it as a personal mission to take every single girl I know to the Isabel Marant store in Causeway bay and trust me 100% of the time they can't help but buying half of the store ...As a good fashionista , I'm just trying to save my favorite pieces for myself ! Isa Rock the World !

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