Monday, 12 December 2011

Believe.. by SportsGirl

 Today I was tagged  by the wonderful Noodle reviews to answer a short interview/ questionnaire posed by the team at Sports girl;

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an Olympic Horse rider ... Horses are my biggest passion in the whole entire world... I think about them every day and I can only be my true self when I am on the back of a horse ... Horse riding taught me how to be a better person , how to be competitive and how to be respectful towards people...

Q: Did you make this dream come true or change your mind?

My dream didn't come true ... I will most likely never be part of an Olympic Team but I will work my butt off and find a way to reach my new dream ! I want to create an association to help disabled or mentally handicapped children with Equitheraphy... I remember helping other children as a young teenager at the horse barn.  Equestrian Therapy is dedicated to providing horseback riding to children and adults who can personally benefit from a natural encounter with horses. There are many kinds of disabilities that can affect a child's basic motor and communication skills. Unfortunately, many parents are given less-than-favorable prognoses from counselors and people in the medical community. Many are told their children's abilities and skills won't ever improve.This is my dream , and I will make this one come true ! 

Q: What is your favourite childhood memory?

Winter with my Parents and my brother ... a fireplace , my old cat Gribouille on my laps and the snow in our garden in south of France .... 
My brother and I would also organize those amazing shows ... Lady Gaga can go and hide herself ! haha 
I guess my brother is the real singer and musician in the family ! He is actually now really good. I guess my only skills were at organizing the show ! Already at that time , Pr And Event organization were running in my veins ! 

Q: The biggest dream you have right now? 

I am quite satisfied with my life at the moment ... but my dream ... Is to have a cute little family with my dear other half ! You know how little girls are supposed to be romantic and believe in the true love and prince charming ??! 
Well , as a kid I was more of a Tom boy and I was spending my days at the barn in the mud ! haha 
I guess I started to believe in Romance and true love , when I met my boyfriend ! and my biggest dream now is to see our little family (can you call a couple and 2 cats a family? I guess , YES! ) grown bigger , and travel the world together ! 

Q: Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
I love the Marble Tunic ! so easy to wear , and you can pair it with a legging, a jeans, shorts  or even with a skirt! 
The Fall distressed shorts are so cute and this will never ever go out of fashion 
finally I am addicted to those amazing Gabby satin wedges ! When it comes to shoes : the Higher , the better ! I am so short , I always try to fake my height and pretend I have long legs ! haha 

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