Thursday, 31 January 2013

GlamGirl Rocks !

I am sure you already heard of GlamGirl! The Brand is on everyone's lips and they are about to hit HK with some new creative and interesting products for you my little fashion bunnies !
Today I was lucky to meet up with the lovely Jennifer, Founder of the Company.... and.... I got spoilt like a little bratz !
I got these cute goodies ! You must run buy them !
First of all is the Glam Balm, a wonderful, organic lip balm. Handcrafted in Hk, it is a multi purpose balm " for all the dry parts of you body" you can use it on your pretty lips and other places .
It smell like chocolate candy and is made of organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil and olive oil and is CHEMICAL FREE!
I am always so cautious with the cosmetics I use so this is just perfect for me !

It is really easy to apply , you just put a bit of the balm on you finger tip and apply on your lips. It doesn't stick, it is soft and smells very good ! 

As if one gift was not enough I also got offered the "Funny Bunny" balm.
Also handcrafted in HK and organic, this one is a perfume balm that will make you smell like "holidays". Ingredients include beewax, soy wax, and organic oils. It smells like grapefruit and a mix of green tea and citrus... LOVE LOVE IT!
Here is their Facebook page: Just click HERE to like it !


  1. Celine, thanks for your review! Glad you like the products! More coming your way for you to try soon ;)

  2. very nice review! very cool you loved it!

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  3. yay! great post! i love glam girl to! xxxxxkat