Monday, 2 April 2012

Four Seasons Bali - 2 Hotels for 2 times the fun !

 Thanks to Four Seasons, we had a wonderful time in Bali! We started off our vacations with their wonderful hotel in Ubud! to be honest this was my favorite , when my dear boyfriend loved their hotel in Jimbaran by the beach...

 The Four Seasons Ubud is a little piece of heaven on hearth... a little secret hidden gem right in the middle of the jungle... and to tell the truth one of the best hotel I have ever visited so far ...
We love to travel but it is so difficult to find a place where you get to relax, enjoy your holidays, forget about everything and have a top notch service... well, four seasons Ubud did it !

 The breakfast is a-la-carte. No buffet here. You can get the option of buffet or a-la-carte in their Jimbaran Hotel.
The ingredients are top quality and super fresh... a little bit of creativity and freshness to start off your day is always welcomed!

The entrance of our private villa !

 Let'sgo for a walk around the lovely and artsy Ubud! The weather was not super sunny, well... It rained all week long ! But how relaxing to walk around and enjoy the creativity and culture of the town !

 Super scared of the little monkeys ! We bought bananas for them, but they are so bad mannered! They would steal your purse to get them !

 Loving my balinese scarf ! 

 The rain got us to stop is a small local place ! Everything is organic there and the recycle everything for the decoration and tools ! loved it !

 Working Hard!

Wanderlust Bikini
Karen Walker glasses
Chanel necklace

 Breakfast time before moving to our second Four Seasons Villa... Moving to Jimbaran Hotel

The second Hotel is located by the beach (Jimbaran) 
The villa is really cute and you can see they paid attention to every single details !The bathroom has to be the best part of it! Loved the scented special oils and incense !

Hotel: Four Seasons Sayan, Ubud, Bali 
The second Hotel was Four Seasons, Jimbaran


  1. These pictures are absolutley amazing! Looks like a wonderful time in Bali!


    Pirate Hart

  2. if this is an advertotial this is the fucking best one i have ever seen!
    when i get an little more money in the bank im flying south to bali!!!

  3. Haha Thanks Logan !
    This is not an advertorial, just went there with my beloved and we had such an amazing time that I had to share with you guys ! When you go to Bali, go to Ubud ! you won't regret it !
    Have a beautiful day
    XX CocoCeline

  4. Been living in Ubud for 2 years, that's where I met my wife. I was just 5 minutes from Monkey forest in Nyuh Kuning. I miss the food so much. Hope I can go back there soon. Your picture brought back so many memories. Thanks for posting them. Makasiah