Thursday, 24 November 2011

Queuing for the H&M x Versace Collection in HONG KONG

 4:30 AM , yes AM , the is no mistake here , already out in the streets of Hong Kong starting to queue for the Versace X H&M collection. I must say it felt a bit weird to step out in the dark streets of Hong Kong while my Boyfriend and Picasso were still sleeping . I get out , grab a cab and witness the walk of shame of people heading out of clubs at 4:15 AM on a random Wednesday night. Call my friend who just woke up ! See you in 5 in front of H&M .
At that point I heard that people have been queuing since the afternoon of the day before to be the lucky owners of the first pieces of this exclusive collection.
When I arrived I realized that the queue was not only in front of H&M but way further on Queen's Road... Luckily I ask the security lady and she counted I was about number 100/110th.

 MY friend AI flew all the way from Taipei (as Taipei doesn't have any H&M ) and she queue with me for all this time even though she broke her foot a few weeks ago ! TAHNK YOU FOR COMING LOVE ! The madness of this experience wouldn't have been complete without you !

 VOGUE < Sparkling water< Coffee < Tea ... We have everything we need for 6:30 hours of long queue!
At least we were lucky : the weather is still so warm in HK !

 Fashion people leave fashion trash ....

 Everyone is on there phones trying to remember the whole entire collection and thinking of some kind of strategy....

 We go the 10:05 - 10:15 slot !Yep that's right 10 minutes to shop and you cannot try ! Good luck haha Luckily I am a small small size so I know what fits me ! But unluckily everyone is like me a small size 0 here in HK ...

 Getting the instructions ! Pressure is ON!


  1. WOW!
    Crazy! Here in Amsterdam (not really stylish place, trust me) nothing really happened. No cue no nothing. Just another normal day only a bit busier.
    Boring people.
    Nice to see you enjoyed it :)

  2. Dear C,

    You are much faster than me!! I am still trying to finish my post!! You got so many good pictures!! I might steal one or two for my blog, hahaa~

    I really enjoyed the day with you and the clothes. Money and time well spend!!

    Miss you already xoxo