Thursday, 5 August 2010

I'm off! Hello Stockholm , Hello France ... No worries Hong Kong , I will be back soon...

OK, Time has come to fly over to Europe... It's been a year since I was there and I feel super, over-excited !
One reason... I'm going to Stockholm.... How exciting you're gonna say with an ironic grin.... But wait , that's my Love's country !
So now it's time to do a recap list about what I expect about this unexpected country !
Let's see if my expectations were cliche once I'm back !

1- let's start with a positive side : Swedish men are yummylicious (don't lie , I know you'd die for Alexander Skarsgard)
2- Bad side - Swedish girls are Tall , sexy, blond, stylish - long story short we most likely gonna hate them...
3- We can't wait to have Daim for breakfast , lunch , snack and dinner ... Maybe they even created a Daim Cocktail.... Can't wait !
4- Thank to Ikea (and my other half) I now know some Swedish culinary specialties : Lingonberry Jam, blåbärssoppa, Smörgåstårta, Kanelbulle and my favorite : Pepparkaka!!!!!!!!!! Love them so much ! and even though I heard Swedish people only eat them at Christmas time ... I just do not care and eat loads of them this summer ! Who the hell chooses when allowed or not to eat Pepparkaka????? We gonna drink Saft Flader (delicious sugar syrup) , eat Choklad Not (nuts chocolate).... We just gonna stay away from sausage and other meat 'specialties'
5- After seeing the Princess Wedding , we can't wait to see the Castle ... guess it must be so lovely , kinda Disney Cartoon kind of Castle ( at least we hope) ! so let's go to the Royal Palace Drottningholm!
6- We heard it's lovely to go to Skansen, a park in the city center to wander and have a lovely cup of tea and yummy cupcakes ...
7- We gonna drink Ramlösa the local Swedish sparkling water
8- We Read ON Wikipedia that average high C' is around 20 degrees but we hope it's a joke ... we are sure it is ? How could someone possibly survive with only 20 degrees in August?
9- two museums we wanna visit :
The national museum where you can see some Watteau or Rembrandt...
and the Moderna Museet where you can find the brilliant Picasso and Dali !
10- we are so looking forward to wander in the old street , in the small island and just take it easy ... discover the country and fill our little head with myriads of sweet memories !
11- Of course Fashion! What makes Swedish fashion so unique? We gonna investigate for you ! It’s actually difficult to understand and explain. It seems very simple, but when you look closer it’s very contemporary and cool.
Swedes have essentially a very practical approach to clothes, even if they’re very fashion and trend-conscious. When they dress up, they don’t dress up too much. There’s not such a difference between how they dress at work, in their time off, and at parties. Even when their clothing is decorative, it has a practical function. I think that the Swedish approach fits very well with the modern lifestyle embraced by people all over the world.
12- We are also looking forward to discovering swedish art and design... we know a bit about the latter , but the former is kinda unknown to us ( so far!)

Don't worry I will keep you posted ( most likely)!

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